Thursday, September 24, 2015


 ‘I am one person who really enjoys baking, but at the same time, I am busy doing other things.’  This is a familiar statement for most of us today. Any time that I go out searching for a simple cake recipe, there are some factors that I make sure that I keep in mind.  A number of these factors are:

How long is it going to take me to prepare the ingredients?

One thing that I believe in is that a fantastic cake should not take more than twenty minutes to set up.  I always ensure that I go through any recipe that I come across to ensure that it does not consume a lot of my time.  It is also good to note that it can be a bit discouraging if you find out that you are not able to prepare the cake in twenty minutes like the author of the recipe.  The best thing to do is read through the entire cake recipe to ensure that you understand the instructions.  Sometimes you might find out that there is a requirement for refrigeration or you may not have some of the cake ingredients that are required at that particular time, or there is a technique that you are not familiar with, and you are in a hurry with no time to carry out research.

How are the cake recipe instructions, are they straightforward?

Every time I get a cake recipe, I first look at the instructions to find out if they are effortless, if I find out that they are written in an essay form, I don’t continue.  The vocabulary used on the cake recipes should be plain and the outline of the instructions must also be written in point form. 

Ingredients mixing method

Baking is an enjoyable task for me but the only thing that puts me off after preparing ingredients is the washing up of utensils.  After the task, I sometimes realize that every container and saucepan in the kitchen is dirty.  Kenya Palace Recipes offers cake recipes that are simple and ingredients can be mixed in one container where they are stirred together.  Some of the ingredients mixing methods that I have used for Kenya Palace Recipes are listed below:

Use a spoon mixing method: This method just requires you to have a wooden spoon and a saucepan to mix any kind of cake ingredients successfully.

Buy cake mix: Most people cannot differentiate between consuming a cake that has been baked using ready cake mixes or a cake baked with fresh ingredients.  You will find that a better part of cake mixing has already been done for you, and all you are required to do is add just a few items and the mixture is ready for baking a delicious cake!

Blender method: You can opt to put all the cake ingredients together in a bowl and then put them in an electric blender or food processor.  I have used this method several times and it is amazing how fast all the ingredients get mixed up for a smooth quality finish.

Did anyone ever tell you that baking is time consuming? With Kenya Palace Recipes, you have all the time in the world to do all that you wish to do, having baked and eaten the cake a long time ago!

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