About Cake Recipes and Decorating

When I was a young mother of two, I used to be very aggressive in my kitchen, baking for my young family all cake recipes that I came across. As time went by and I became busy with work and family, I stopped baking all together and started purchasing ready-made cakes instead.  One evening just over two months ago, my second born son came to me and asked me, mum, why did you stop baking cakes for us? To say the least, I was not expecting this question.  I did not know what to tell my son, but deep inside me, I started asking myself the same question.  I told my son that I would definitely start baking and that I would start in a week’s time.  To say the truth, I went through the cake recipes that I had, bought cake ingredients the following week and baked two cakes for my family.   

My son was my turning point, since then I have not looked back, I ensure that each week I bake at least two cakes for my family.  This is what inspired me to start Kenya Palace Recipes to assist other mothers who might be willing to bake but have little or no time to do it.  These mothers may be looking for cake recipes that are easy, fast to formulate and cake recipes which are yummy and tasty as well.  The only way for them to achieve this is by making use of ‘Kenya Palace Recipes’ which are fast and easy to prepare.  When a mother does the baking herself, she is sure about the nutritional value of the cake that she is serving her family, as opposed to a purchased cake which she is not sure whether the baker used all the required ingredients.


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